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Comfort Customization Options

Customization options by ROM Custom comfort furniture

Custom comfort furniture is waiting for you in San  Diego!

Our Custom Comfort furniture is at the forefront of innovation. Depending on your needs, you choose the options that will give you a feeling of optimal well-being, from head to toe. Many armchairs and sofas adapt to the desired degree of relaxation and the space you have available. In short, the perfect compromise between relaxation, design and tailor-made. 

Comfort customization may come in different flavors:

Comfort customization options of ROM sofas:

On selected models you can choose the pull out bed/sleeper option. Introducing Custom comfort furniture: The mattress mechanism unfolds from underneath the sofa and can be used as full size sleeper. The quality of the seat is not affecting by this confort option.


Take advantage of a single-motor “Relax” reclining seat or the dual-motor “Max-Relax” function, which first lowers the seat before operating the footrest and backrest. On some models, the two comfort functions are also possible for two people with elements from 40 inches wide.

Relaxation mechanisms are available as an electrical variant only.

The “Elegant” and “Zen” options
Add headrests to the back of your chair. Headrests can be selected seat by seat. They are adjustable by a notch mechanism and support your neck for optimal relaxation. In addition, they give a different line to your sofa.

Custom comfort furniture and adjustable headrests are available manually (“Elegant”) or in an electric version (“Zen”).

The “Turn” option

This innovation provides fabulous well-being: easily rotate the chaise longue on your sofa by 90 ° and transform this compact corner into a resting island. Ideal for TV evenings!

This mechanism is available as a manual variant only (“Turn”).

This option is exclusively available on a few selected sofa models. Ask your store advisor for more information.

The “Glider” and “Vario” options

The seat depth adjustment mechanism increases the seat area by approximately 4 inches The function is particularly appreciated by tall people for supporting their legs, from the hips to the hollow of the knees. Maximum seat depth on several seats makes it possible to lie down on the sofa, alone or with two people.

The seat depth adjustment is available manually (“Glider”) and as an electric variant (“Vario”).

The “Warm-Up” option

What could be more unpleasant than sitting on a cold seat in the middle of winter? With this option, a carbon fiber heating mat is placed in the backrest and seat of the chair. It diffuses a feeling of heat in the lower back for maximum comfort.

The seat heats up quickly, maintains the temperature for 10 minutes then switches off automatically.

The heated seat (“Warm-Up”) is an electric function and requires a plug or a battery.

The “Stand-Up” option

Back worries? Custom comfort furniture can help here too. Equip your chair with a lifter system: when you want to get up, it tilts until you can adopt an almost standing posture.

This is an electrical function (“Stand-Up”) which requires a socket or a battery.

Exclusively available on our range of comfort & relaxation armchairs.

Technology of Comfort  controls:

 Aladin app from ROM allows you to store and adjust pre-set comfort options for every single seat on the sofa. It utilizes WiFi connection to adjust position of headrests and footrests. Now every member of the family can enjoy their own level on comfort.

The “EasyMove” buttons

Many electrical functions of your chair are operated by elegant little metal buttons. These are not visible and are hidden on the side of the seat.

“EasyMove” buttons are available on selected sofa models. Ask your store advisor for more information.

“EasyTouch” command

All electrical comfort functions are controlled using the touchpad, like the one used on smartphones and computers. So you always see what you’re doing, just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen. Each function has its own button and commands are confirmed by a short vibration. Intuitive and self-explanatory. Robust and reliable. Large when useful, invisible when not needed. And above all: convenient.

“Accu” option

With this battery for the power supply of your furniture, you no longer need a cable and you do not have to place your sofa near a power outlet.

The battery is integrated in a small pocket. It can be easily removed for charging with a charger. It’s very simple, like charging your smartphone.

“USB cable” option

Always stay connected! Charge your smartphone using a USB cable which is integrated between the seat and the back of the sofa.

This option is provided by default if the sofa has at least one electric function on selected armchair and sofa models. “Integrated USB cable” option is not available in combination with the “Battery” option.

Available on selected sofa models. Ask your store advisor for more information.