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Connubia Gallery by Calligaris Group in San Diego

Connubia furniture in San Diego:

Connubia is the contemporary and youngest brand of Calligaris Group. Through contemporary, colorful and versatile products  Connubia  transforms  any space into the perfect place  to live and share your  daily life.  Connubia is not just home , but any space you want to live in. 

A story of passions and bonds

Connubia furniture in San Diego is a brand of Calligaris Group. The Italian company that has been able to evolve over its 100 years of history. All thanks to the ability to expertly mix craftsmanship and innovation.

What motivates us is to make products that meet people’s tastes and unite them. Products that create value with an important focus on the good of our planet. We do this by combining the knowledge and skills of our craftsmen. Handed down over the years to promising young talents, with new technologies, new materials and innovative development techniques. We use quality and sustainable approved materials in our design and production processes.  This is why Connubia furniture in San Diego products are beautiful, functional and made to last over time.

connubia gallery san diego
connubia san diego


Connubia furniture in San Diego is inspired by the new concept of #connubity, an essential part of the brand’s DNA that embodies its spirit and represents what it represents: to create a new community of people linked by the same passion for fresh and dynamic design and for irreverent news!

Connubia products have a simple, functional design, where color expresses vitality and personality. Products that want to be environmentally friendly by increasingly using eco-sustainable materials with low environmental impact. Not only chairs and tables, but also complements, accessories and contemporary furniture capable of adapting to different contexts and creating spaces of inspiration for life, work and the community.

Designs that know how to tell everyday stories , because it is precisely from sitting together around a table that encounters, sharing and emotions arise that Connubia furniture in San Diego puts at the center of its inspiration.

A real home, yours

We are talking about houses lived in every day, rooms often overflowing with objects, in which we eat, work, read, in short, we live our daily stories.

We imagined a new photographic mood, a real experience within the #Connubity , inserting the furnishings of the new Connubia collection in the context of real homes … yours!

The domestic environment has been left unchanged, we did not want to interfere with the most personal and authentic objects that reflect ourselves, yourselves.

connubia gallery san diego
connubia calligaris san diego


All the materials we use comply with strict quality standards. The fabrics we have selected for you are pleasant to the touch, resist stains and keep colors unchanged even after a long time. Our ceramic hobs have exceptional resistance characteristics, are easy to clean and absolutely hygienic. The wood we use is protected with special painting cycles that offer an effective barrier against stains. Calligaris Spa is also FSC certified, the brand that identifies standarts for sustainability