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How does the design of your home affect your mood? Set positive vibes, balance, and a creative environment!

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We already know enough for someone’s persona just stepping through his door as individuals tend to take the design of their home as an extended version of themselves. So how precisely do we choose furniture which besides being an expression of our style can also affect our mood, decision making, and inspiration? 

Research shows that big bulky pieces, clutter, and low light have a serious negative impact on us. Dark and strong colors bring darker and stronger emotions to the space, while light colors have a refreshing effect. Additionally, having corners cramped with furniture or big empty spaces creates disproportion and disbalance with disharmonious effects on the habitants. Disorganized places with many objects outside of the shelves affect our ability to think clear and to have inspiration in a creative process.

How to arrange the design of our home so we bring positivity and harmony?

Primary, If we have walls of other furniture with dark colors to balance out we can keep the rest of interior light. Undoubtedly, all the clutter should be cleared and covered in drawers or closed shelves, even in the kitchen where we usually leave many utensils on the table tops and broad boards. Space is needed between the furniture pieces in such a way that it makes the air flow smoothly and gives a room for cleaning. It is not necessary for big sofas to be stuck around the walls as well. There are certain proportions between all the elements of the interior which can bring a better balance. For example, when the carpet under the table is only half of the width of the sofa next to it, this will produce a discord. Sufficient influence on our mood has the nature which we can introduce to our place – all the life plants, flowers, minerals, rocks, even paintings and photos or sounds of nature. Furthermore, if we want to go in detail, we can check what particular feeling each one of the colors brings. 

In this aspect, modern furniture is focused on simple lines and light design pieces without ornaments and heavy presence where our imagination can travel in materials, compositions, forms, color pallets, or short monochrome haiku poems. Most of all, it can travel further because it is lighter.

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