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  1. Prefer a solid sofa

The family sofa is an element of furniture particularly sought after by all members of the household. Choose it with strong seams, just as the padding must have a good density of foam to prevent the seats from sagging quickly.

  1. The family sofa should be easy to clean

The stains arrived quickly, especially with children in the house! This is why we recommend that you choose a sofa that can be cleaned and maintained without constraint. A leather or acrylic sofa can be a perfect family sofa: it brings charm and elegance to your living room while being very easy to clean (a simple wipe with a sponge is enough to remove stains and dirt).

Fabric sofas are comfortable and warm, so they are also popular in homes. To make them the perfect family sofas, choose them with removable covers so that the polyester or cotton covers can be washed in the washing machine.

  1. A sofa to receive loved ones

At Atlas, we also offer sofa beds, such as the Gabrielle 3-seater sofa. This type of seat allows you to receive your family and friends by creating an additional sleeping space. The backrest then becomes the extra sleeping headboard.

  1. Space and comfort…

Ideally, the sofa should provide a place for each member of the family, but often the dimensions of the room do not allow it. This is why it may be wise to multiply the seats in addition to your sofa: armchairs, poufs and beanbags … are all solutions which, in addition to offering additional comfort, will contribute to the atmosphere and decoration you want. give your living room.

Corner sofas are very popular for their convenience and conviviality. With their U-shape, they visually delimit the seating area to make it a cozy and warm space. They are also very comfortable: we love to rest there or, on the contrary, to chat with family and friends.

  1. … without neglecting the style

Whatever the style of your stay, we have the perfect family sofa. The  Antigua sofa is an invitation to relax,  the Davis model is appreciated for its lounge spirit with its original colors; Vegas has a lot of character thanks to its padded seat, while Tamour, with its sober and refined lines, goes perfectly with a contemporary and industrial decoration….

So, now you know everything about the ideal family sofa! All you have to do is go to your nearest ROM Furniture store to test and find the sofa that will share your moments of complicity and relaxation!