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Browse the best modern sofas and contemporary couches for your living room available in quality fabrics, sleek profiles and a variety of colors. Browse a wide selection of modern couches for sale, including leather couches as well as reclining, tufted, designer and comfy couch. What are the characteristics of modern sofas? These sofas are sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist. They lack ornate designs and are generally made of high-end materials such as leather. Modern sofas blend in well with their surroundings. Ideally, emphasizing and complementing the overall theme of a room. Let’s start with the basics: what makes couches modern? Specifically, the term “modern” refers to a design style that was popular in the early-to-mid-20th century. The style is often connected with contemporary style, which borrows many of the same elements and refers to any of the dominant design trends that are popular today.