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Straight sofas

Straight sofa living room ROM
When our designed and built made-to-measure sofas for the first time, there was one main reason for this: The family company wanted to say “yes” – to all of its customers’ wishes. And there are quite a few of them. That is why your sofa is unique, made especially for you – exactly to 10cm or 20cm and as individual as your lifestyle. Become the designer of your dream sofa!

Sofa is an obvious element of any living room, but if you look at the evolution of sofa as a place you spend your time on resting after a tense day of work, you will notice that modern sofas are much different in contemporary days. Contemporary sofas, at least the sofas made by ROM, Fama, Egoitaliano are much more then a plain piece of furniture- they are result of cooperation between a team of designers, technology specialists and fine craftsmen. Living room sofas by ROM offer wide variety of comfort options such as reclining seats, adjustable headrest, rotating seat and even each seat could be heated. The great advantage of ROM’s sofas is they are built to suit your needs while maintaining highest quality and safety standards.