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Arredo Ambra Modern Classic Dining Set, Made in Italy

Luxury Classic Dining room set. Neo classic style combined with traditional elements. High quality and durability. Made in Italy


The Arredo Ambra Modern Classic Dining Set, made in Italy, features the unique shapes of the living room coffee and side tables. They are larger in size to ensure that you can gather around them with guests and family. The glossy effect of the top – also available in lacquered glass – is even more visible here. It links well to the texture on the front doors of the buffet cabinet, creating a sense of stylistic continuity and balance.
Materials: Glass, Marble and Marble looking, MDF
Finishes: High Gloss Lacquer, Mat
Dimensions of The Arredo Ambra Modern Classic Dining Set:

Rectangular Table w/1 or 2 19″ Ext.: 79/98/117″W x 102″D x 30″H
Chair Cat. Special: 19″W x 23″D x 40″H
4-Door Buffet: 83″W x 20″D x 33″H
Large Mirror Art. 31: 74″W x 3″D x 34″H
2-Door Glass Cabinet: 52″W x 20″D x 83″H

More about the company:
Classic style Italian design furniture

Arredoclassic furniture is luxury Italian furniture in a classic style. The Arredoclassic collections embody the work and design of Italian furniture, uniting knowledge and precise lines in all the pieces of furniture they manufacture and that allow the creation of unforgettable and prestigious spaces. If something stands out in all their furniture, it is that they take care and work down to the smallest detail, making each piece of furniture a unique and spectacular piece.

Arredoclassic was founded in 1998 in the furniture district of Pesaro, Marche. Since the beginning, the company has demonstrated its interest in exports, believing and investing in the participation of the main industry trade fairs. Arredoclassic has proved its innovative and adventurous character breaking into international markets and becoming an ambassador of all the values which constitute Made in Italy.