Avalon Modular Sofa by Fama Living

Avalon is a new reclining modular sofa which runs out from the conventional design of sofas with a low folding back. Contrary to the majority trends imposed by the market, we wanted to create a generously sized backrest that we equipped with a new button effect inspired by the diamond-shaped buttoned backs of the 70s. This backrest, along with the design of the arms and the 12 cm leg, make Avalon a different model with a great personality.

But perhaps its main feature is the comfort; it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a relax sofa in the market that offers greater comfort than Avalon, comfortable both for very tall people and for shorter people. With the reclining mechanism open, it almost becomes a large bed.


Available as a corner group too.

Fabric samples by Fama

From $5,175 for composition MR1 + M + MR2 with 2 recliners.


1. Avalon Modular Sofa is extra long recliner. 170 cm fully open. It is the longest and most comfortable relax on the market worldwide.
2. Removable seat cushion covers. Exclusive system to avoid creases, with 4 fastening zips and side velcro to tighten the upholstery.
7. Flex top backrest
3. Heart-healthy position. Feet rising to the position of the heart.
4. 160º position. Almost like a bed. The longest recliner in the market, it’s almost like a bed.
5. Independent headrest backrest regulation without lowering the footrest. New recliner opening and closing system with different routes. Once it is fully reclined, you can adjust the backrest without lowering the feet, obtaining the ideal position to watch television without headrests cushions or extra mechanisms.

6. Extra-cozy back cushion. Innovative construction with ergonomic padded back that embraces you as if you were between clouds. You haven’t tried comfort like this.

7. Flex top backrest system. Special design on top of the flexible backrest that offers exceptional comfort and avoids headache.

8. Wall saver recliner. Avalon Modular Sofa only takes 10 cm fully open. It needs only 10 cm of separation from the wall to open to the maximum.

9. High legs, designed for the vacuum cleaner Robot. Ash legs with contemporary design, high enough for the robot vacuum cleaner robots to pass underneath without any problem.

10. Design lumbar ergonomic. It doesn’t matter what height you have, the design of the lumbar area adapts perfectly to the kidneys of all kinds of users.

11. Motorized recliner 5 years-warranty. The motorization allows you to open and close the recliner without effort and stop at the position you want. Frame and suspension, guarantee for life, available at ReModern. 5 years-warranty for mechanism and motor.

12. Extra-sensitive hidden touch buttons. So that no one knows that it is a recliner, the touch buttons moves with you, always close to you. Nobody knows it is a recliner.
You haven’t tried a comfort like this.



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Size and configuration

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