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Bedroom 1199, Made in Spain

The Bedroom 1199 modern Spain-made set demonstrates an elegant design through its simple and sleek shape. The base of the bed displays a sharp overall shape and can be equipped with storage space for convenience. The high headboard is covered with a dense furniture fabric with a bright wooden accent that makes it magnificent and majestic. The bedroom set also features optional single and double dressers, wall, and standing mirrors, chest, and nightstands to provide your bedroom with even more style and functionality. This modern beautiful collection of furniture will create a wonderful atmosphere in the room and give you a feeling of coziness and comfort.

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The Bedroom 1199, Spain-made has natural wood/crema fabric contemporary bed with Matt arena lacquer & Nogal natural wood veneer/fabric Oikos crema. The bed is queen size. The nightstands are attached to the bed frame, so we recommend adding those up. A storage bed is also available (see extra pictures). Plenty of case goods to choose from, 2 dresser sizes, a standing mirror, chest, etc. Order now at Remodern living!


  • Colors: Light Beige
  • Materials: Fabric, Wood veneer, MDF
  • Finishes bed: Matt arena lacquer & Nogal natural wood veneer/fabric Oikos crema
  • Headboard: Fabric OKIOS crema

How to make your bedroom the place of your dreams

Our bedroom is an oasis of calm where we can rest after a hard day and wake up energized the next morning. To feel comfortable there, the atmosphere should be peaceful and full of our personality.

Whether you are furnishing a bedroom from scratch or looking to modernize your existing bedroom, we have put together some great ideas that you will surely love! Modern bedrooms come in many different styles. Therefore, our ideas are versatile. There will be something suitable for everyone! Modern furnishing has simple lines and a great comfort, so it will certainly offer you a better rest!

Love for neutral colors – Bright colors look great in our four walls but they are less suitable for bedrooms. Reduced color palettes help us to calm down and not have to exert our senses any further.

Make maximum use of the bedroom but do not turn it into an office or a game room – Sometimes a bedroom needs to be more than just a place to sleep. If we need to set up our computer, a TV, or some books in the room, we should create such a structure that we can always keep maximum order. Waking up and staring at a desk overflowing with paper and books will open a space for more stress in our life.

Provide the room with the right lighting – Let as much natural light into the bedroom as you can! When in the evening hours this will not be enough, you need some lamps. Today, LEDs are ideal for this. They consume extremely little energy, are available in many colors and shapes, and are inexpensive. For example, many of the modern beds have installed a LED strip on the headboard which gives a wonderful warm effect.

Less is more. Decorate with feeling – Remember not to overload the room with furniture or decorations. It would be better to place a few pieces of furniture optimally in the room and then to integrate little decoration at selected points. A certain amount of decoration is good for every room, but beyond doubt in the bedroom, less is better.

Ensure good ventilation – We need a good portion of oxygen especially when sleeping, so that the organism can recover. Open the windows whenever possible and let a lot of air and sunlight into the room. This is a good way for negative thoughts go away.

Furnish naturally – The bedside lamps, the decoration with wood and flowers are welcomed. A few bamboo sticks would also do well. But beware integrating flowers in the bedroom because some plants have an intense smell.

Mirror in the bedroom – A large mirror in the room is not only elegant but creates a feeling of spaciousness and makes the bedroom look bigger than it really is! It can be placed behind or above the bed, or simply in a dark corner.

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