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Central ParkTable by Costantini Pietro

Central ParkTable: A Sculpture-like Marvel

The Central ParkTable boasts a majestic rectangular top, available in luxurious wood and exquisite marble versions. Its generous dimensions make it a commanding presence in any room, whether it’s a high-end residential setting, an upscale office space, or a sophisticated hospitality environment.


Central ParkTable: The Pinnacle of Elegant Design

Central ParkTable, crafted by renowned designer Giuseppe Viganò for Costantini Pietro, epitomizes the blend of Italian elegance and modern sophistication. This table, aptly named to evoke the timeless beauty and harmony found in Central Park, is a true masterpiece of furniture design. The Central ParkTable by Costantini Pietro seamlessly integrates essential lines with a variety of geometric forms, making it a versatile and stunning addition to any space.

Dimensions: (L x W x H)


210 (+2×50) – 82 3/4 (+2×19 3/4) x 105 – 41 1/2 x 76 – 30

240 – 94 1/2 x 105 – 41 1/2 x 76 – 30 (L x W x H)

200 – 78 3/4 x 100 – 39 1/2 x 76 – 30 (L x W x H)

Customization and Premium Finishes

What sets the Central ParkTable apart is its unparalleled attention to detail and customization options. Clients can choose from a full range of premium finishes, ensuring that the Central ParkTable can be tailored to suit any interior design style. Whether you prefer the warmth of wood or the cool elegance of marble, the Central ParkTable can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

The Protagonist of Prestigious Spaces

In any prestigious setting, the Central ParkTable plays the role of protagonist, embodying sophistication and elegance. Its refined design and premium craftsmanship make it a standout piece that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. The Central ParkTable is not just a piece of furniture; it is a statement of style and a testament to the artistry of Italian design.

In summary Costantini Pietro is a true icon of elegant design. Its majestic top, impressive support base, and extensive customization options make it a perfect addition to any luxury interior. Whether in a residential, office, or hospitality setting, making it a central piece that embodies the essence of Italian design.

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