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Grande Dining Table by Costantini Pietro

The Grande Dining Table by Costantini Pietro exemplifies the pinnacle of elegant design and masterful craftsmanship. This stunning piece, characterized by its sleek lines and luxurious materials, is the perfect centerpiece for any sophisticated dining room.


Grande Dining Table by Costantini Pietro: The Pinnacle of Elegant Design

Grande Dining Table is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, including premium wood and marble. Its expansive rectangular top is available in various finishes, offering versatility and a touch of personalization to suit any interior design style. The table’s design features a harmonious blend of straight lines and subtle curves, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing silhouette. The wooden or marble top adds a layer of luxury, making it not just a dining table but a statement piece in any home.

Dimensions: (L x W x H)

240 – 94 1/2 x 130 – 51 1/4 x 76 – 30 (L x W x H)

120 – 47 1/4 x 130 – 51 1/4 x 76 – 30 (L x W x H)


The Grande Dining Table offers a full range of customization options, allowing it to seamlessly blend into various interior settings. Whether placed in a luxurious residential dining room, a high-end office space, or a prestigious hospitality environment, the table stands out as a symbol of refinement and sophistication. Clients can choose from a selection of premium finishes to ensure the table perfectly complements their interior decor.

In conclusion, the Grande Dining Table by Costantini Pietro is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Its elegant rectangular top, majestic base, and customizable options make it the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious

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