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MyApple Curved Sofa by Fama Living

The MyApple is a custom-made piece of furniture crafted by the world-renowned Spanish manufacturer Famaliving. It has been created for those who love the design of curved shapes. This sofa offers the function of a double chaise lounge which allow for unforgettable moments in your leisure moments. The MyApple can come upholstered in a wide variety of multi-colored and patterned fabrics.

From $2,970 for 2 seats fixed version.


MyApple Curved Sofa by Fama Living is neither an armchair nor a sofa or a chaise longue… It is a special piece, inspired by the loveseats of the last century but adapted to present times. It may look large, but it is actually a compact piece, ideal for small apartments.

It is a 175cm wide sofa, and only 30cm deeper than a normal sofa. The swivel option allows us to orient it to different parts of the room easily. MyApple Curved Sofa is decorated with lots of cushions which provide great comfort. It is the ideal sofa for couples who like to enjoy it at home. It will be difficult to find a design that can offer greater happiness on a daily basis.

Cleaning advice

  • If you wash any sofa covers in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash them inside-out to prevent the zip and velcro from damaging the fabric.
  • We advise you to make a washing test with only one cover before washing all the covers in the washing machine (provided that the fabric allows washing).
  • If the fabric allows it, dry cleaning onsite is always the best choice. You can also use a steamer, protecting it with a cotton cloth.
  • For everyday care, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust and prevent accumulation.
  •  In the case of specific stains, the best is using a damp cloth with a little neutral soap (you can mix water with neutral soap in a spray bottle) and rub gently with circular movements on the stain. Let it dry and repeat several times until the stain disappears completely.
  •  If the fabric of your sofa is made of chenille, it is important to keep in mind that with time and use some marks or changes of colour may appear.
  • It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the fabric.

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Size and configuration

Customize entire sofa
Every sofa is custom made, made-to-order.
Size, configuration, cover type and color are fully customizable. Contact us for details.

Comfort customization
Sofas from different manufacturers provide different options of comfort customization, including adjustable footrests, armrests and headrests, extended seat, rotating chaise and pull out sleeper. Also heated seat and massage options are available on selected models. To learn more about comfort customization or seat comfort options.

Return & exchange
For return and exchange information,  please contact the original store your purchased from. More info.

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