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Tempo Modular Corner Sofa by Fama Living

Tempo is a new corner sofa that offers three important innovations developed by our R&D team. We are confident that these novelties worldwide novelties worldwide will make Tempo a new best-seller in our catalogue.

Fabric samples by Fama


These are the most important features of Tempo Modular Corner Sofa:

1. Two different depths in the same sofa set

2. Seat hardness regulation

3. Seat with exchangeable core

4. All the covers are removable

5. Assembly without screws and reversible modules

6. Multi-positional roller backrests

https://www.famaliving.com/storage/media/files/shares/Actualización 2022/TEMPO/Croquis/Croquis 3d Tempo 2022-01.jpg


The first of these innovations is that we offer Tempo Modular Corner Sofa with two different seat depths; well, this option already exists in the market, in fact, we have it in the Klee&Klever models. However, in Tempo, perhaps the most interesting thing is that the two depths can be combined in the same sofa set.

We can have two modules with different depth in the same space, making an L composition so that the module with the larger depth is on the front and the smaller one on the side. With this configuration we can offer our customers more seating options, giving them the option of choosing for their home the two modules with a small depth, the two with a large depth, or one module with a large depth and another with a small depth.

Tempo_ dos profundidades de asiento



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