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Seats comfort

Not all seats created equally
Choose the seat comfort that you need!

You are home. Sit down! Relax!

Our foams bear witness to our mastery of the upholsterer’s trade, our experience as a furniture manufacturer and our constant search for improvement of materials. Each seat consists of a multilayer structure of foams. Several densities and hardnesses are combined to provide optimal comfort. Our foams do not contain CFCs and are carefully tested to ensure long-lasting seating pleasure. We contribute to your well-being!

Soft, hypoallergenic foam

The Bultex foam guarantees both the comfort and the hygiene of the foam.

The strong points :

  1. Flexibility : Excellent elasticity and resilience of the foam for perfect and lasting comfort.
  2. Stability : Stable shape of furniture over time.
  3. Hygiene : Hypoallergenic and antibacterial foam. Optimal ventilation.
  4. Confidence : The assurance of a recognized brand.

Bultex foam is dense (43 kg/m3), but above all it offers excellent resilience, i.e. the foam regains its shape after each seat.

Comfort Bultex ROM seat

High-quality foam at an entry-level price

HR40 with a density of 40 kg/m 3 is a high quality price entry. HR stands for High Resilience. This foam is therefore very load-resistant and very elastic.

HR40 is a cold foam that is rolled after hardening. An open porosity is thus achieved which guarantees:

  • excellent elasticity,
  • an even distribution of hardness and
  • long life

HR 40 seat foam ROM

Natural comfort – Pleasant and environmentally friendly

Like Bultex, Bioflex foam is a very high quality HR foam, but here it is partially made from soybean oil. By choosing this material, you not only benefit from particularly pleasant comfort, but you also contribute to improving the general environmental balance. 

The foam distributes body pressure quite evenly and follows it perfectly. This leads to a long life of your upholstered furniture, and long-term well-being.

The organic structure of the foam, honeycomb, is particularly breathable – it evacuates and regulates the humidity of the foam perfectly. This effect is supported by the bamboo fiber mattress . 

Bioflex seat foam rom


Dynamic and durable comfort foam

The Boxspring foam offers a firm seat. It reduces the formation of wrinkles. The seat is composed of 2 layers of pocket springs covered with Bioflex foam.

The strong points :

  1. Resistance : Distribution of weight over the surface, for optimal stability over time and a firmer, more bouncy comfort.
  2. Multilayers : A superposition of layers of foam and springs for sustained comfort.
  3. Regularity : Particularly homogeneous foundations.
  4. Tradition : The traditional upholstery technique, reinterpreted with current technology.

Boxspring density: 55 kg / m3

Boxspring seat