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Custom Design

Design Appointment:

Design Appointment is a great way to convert your vision into reality. Just by browsing website or even visiting the furniture store near me, may not be enough to visualize the concept of modern modular customizable furniture. 

Are you interested in a sofa from European most successful sofa makers?

Made to measure for you? Model, size, functions, fabrics, seat firmness, feet, seams, etc. And that in top quality made to measure for you in Europe as a one-off? Design your dream sofa with us!

Design Appointments are free!

There are many good upholstered furniture manufacturers that offer high quality, but for example, ROM is the only one where you can design your sofa with all its functions in 10cm steps – and also see it in a photorealistic manner in your selected cover BEFORE opening it.  Other companies we partner with,  like Egoitaliano or nicoletti offer multiple configuration options for each sofa model. Usually, you can design straight sofa or loveseat. Eventually, you can create any angular sofa to be consist of multiple modules to fit your unique design layout. To summarize, “Made to measure” sofas are today’s reality for you.

Book you Design Appointment today by calling us! We will do our best to introduce you to various companies we have been partner with. we will bring the best of their ability to provide you with the high quality, customizable made in Europe modern furniture!

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Meet your designer in store!

We will guide you so that your interior project corresponds perfectly to what you have in mind. Our designers are at your service for decoration advice, measurements or simply to guide you in the creation of your personalized furniture.

Customization designer in modern furniture store in San Diego

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