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ROM sofas in San Diego!
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ROM sofas in San Diego - From sofa dream to dream sofa

ROM sofas in San Diego – best customized European furniture manufacturer and the most successful sofa maker in Belgium!

ROM sofas in San Diego: This is how modern and contemporary furniture design transforms your furniture into a work of art rather than a functional decor item. There are plenty of furniture brands, but luxurious furniture brands are a far better long-term investment than mass-market furniture brands. Not only do they look and feel amazing in your house, but they are also considerably more durable than their less expensive competitors.

A significant maker of custom-made and upholstered European furniture, ROM, is based in Belgium. For more than 60 years, ROM has been bringing new ideas to the upholstery industry. The company has always tried to keep up with the demands of an ever-evolving market. As trends and styles change, ROM has always kept up with the times and adapted to its consumers’ requirements and preferences.

If you want to buy ROM’s furniture, you can check out RE:Modern Living’s official online store, where you can now find out more about ROM’s high-quality and beautifully crafted furniture products. From customizable corner sofas to leather armchairs to unfolding sofa bed sleepers, you can definitely find one that will complement the overall aesthetics of your home.

ROM sofas in San Diego is a great way to update your house or apartment and increase its value. At ReModern Living – authorized dealer of ROM sofas in San Diego, our huge collection of furniture can help you refine your decorating style, select the right furnishings to match your house’s decor, and every piece of furniture that you need to create the home of your dreams! Shop ROM products now and redefine sophistication in your home.

Remodern Living allows you to benefit in the US from almost 60 years of family expertise in the manufacture of upholstered furniture! The company ROM was founded in 1961 by Herbert and Käthe Rom and is now run in the 2nd generation by Caroline Rom’s brother Paul Rom.


Made to measure for you? Model, size, functions, fabrics, seat firmness, feet, seams, etc. And that in top quality made to measure for you in Europe as a one-off? Design your dream sofa with us!

There are many good upholstered furniture manufacturers who offer high quality, but ROM is the only one where you can design your sofa with great precision in 10cm increments, with all functions – and also see it in a photorealistic manner in your selected cover BEFORE it is exactly made to measure for you.

“It's actually not that difficult to build sofas. Tens of thousands of companies deal with it worldwide. Building really good sofas is something else. More than 200 manufacturers in Europe can do that. Building people's very own sofa according to their wishes and showing you exactly what it will look like during the planning stage - we believe that nobody can do it as well for you as we do.“

Use 3D configurator

Every sofa is made for you as a unique piece and exactly the way it fits into your room and your life. To do this, we, as the best sofa maker in Belgium, design each model in 10cm (about 4 inches) steps on our 3D sofa configurator – together with you.

relax recliner comfort function ROM, sofa maker in Belgium

The single-motor RELAX recliner function lowers the back backward while the headrest and footrest move upward. This converts the seat into a comfortable reclining surface. In the MAXRELAX version, two motors are already involved, which can be used independently of each other: it is possible to lower / raise first the seat or backrest, and then the headrest and footrest.


adjustable headrests ROM, sofa maker in Belgium The Elegant function is a headrest adjustment function. The tilt of the headrest can be manually adjusted. If you select the ZEN function for this element, this headrest will be electrically adjustable.

vario_option-ROM, sofa maker in Belgium
Seat depth adjustment The VARIO continuously moves the seat forward by approximately 20 cm. This gives you more space to sit or raise your legs. This function will be very useful for tall people.

turn_function-ROM, sofa maker in Belgium
One of the elements of our sofas has a TURN function and can be manually rotated 90 °. Grasp the seat base at the outer end of the sofa and lift it slightly. You will immediately notice how the pillow comes loose from its safe position. Then turn it slightly and pull it to the desired position. When the seat rotates, the support leg at the bottom appears automatically.

Individual Comfort Functions

Precisely because comfort is very individual, rom1961, the best sofa maker in Belgium, builds on three components when it comes to comfort: Outstanding quality, individual functions, and unique seat design. Because one thing is clear: without one, the other would only be lukewarmly average.

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Footrest Recliners
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Adjustable Headrests
Icons/confort/Light/AideleverCreated with Sketch.
Stand Up Assistance
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Rotating Chaise
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Heated Seat
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Remote Control

about ROM sofas’ comfort customization options

Individual seat comfort to choose from

Comfort Bultex Foam

HR40 Foam

Bioflex seat foam rom

Bioflex Foam

Boxspring Logo

BoxSpring + Foam

Comfort Bultex ROM seat

Soft, hypoallergenic foam

The Bultex foam guarantees both the comfort and the hygiene of the foam. The strong points : Flexibility : Excellent elasticity and resilience of the foam for perfect and lasting comfort. Stability : Stable shape of furniture over time. Hygiene : Hypoallergenic and antibacterial foam. Optimal ventilation. Confidence : The assurance of a recognized brand. Bultex foam is dense (43 kg/m3), but above all it offers excellent resilience, i.e. the foam regains its shape after each seat.

HR 40 seat foam ROM

High-quality foam at an entry-level price

HR40 with a density of 40 kg/m 3 is a high quality price entry. HR stands for High Resilience. This foam is therefore very load-resistant and very elastic. HR40 is a cold foam that is rolled after hardening. An open porosity is thus achieved which guarantees: excellent elasticity, an even distribution of hardness and long life

Bioflex seat foam rom

Natural comfort – Pleasant and environmentally friendly

Like Bultex, Bioflex foam is a very high quality HR foam, but here it is partially made from soybean oil. By choosing this material, you not only benefit from particularly pleasant comfort, but you also contribute to improving the general environmental balance. The foam distributes body pressure quite evenly and follows it perfectly. The organic structure of the foam, honeycomb, is particularly breathable – it evacuates and regulates the humidity of the foam perfectly. This effect is supported by the bamboo fiber mattress .

Boxspring seat 1

Dynamic and durable comfort foam

The Boxspring foam offers a firm seat. It reduces the formation of wrinkles. The seat is composed of 2 layers of pocket springs covered with Bioflex foam. The strong points : Resistance : Distribution of weight over the surface, for optimal stability over time and a firmer, more bouncy comfort. Multilayers : A superposition of layers of foam and springs for sustained comfort. Regularity : Particularly homogeneous foundations. Tradition : The traditional upholstery technique, reinterpreted with current technology. Boxspring density: 55 kg / m3

Low maintenance washable fabrics

The covers for our sofas are carefully selected and, thanks to their high quality, are all easy to care for. When it comes to fabrics, we work closely with the manufacturers of Q2 and aquaclean and are therefore pleased to be able to offer our customers first-class upholstery fabrics.

We produce our brand fabrics without chemical additives or finishing. They are also tested for skin-friendliness by the renowned Institute ITV Denkendorf to be suitable for people with allergies. All household stains such as red wine, grass or jeans decolorations can easily be removed from Q2, Chramelle and Infinity fabrics with common detergents (e.g. soap, acetone or bleaching solution).
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The world of the sofa has changed and evolved dramatically over the past few decades. Our innovative Aquaclean ® Technology is proof of this. A technology that protects the fabrics of your sofa by covering them with an invisible layer that prevents common stains from becoming embedded. In just a few years, Aquaclean has become the perfect solution to get rid of a worry that is synonymous with hassle, waste of time and energy: dreaded stains .
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For ROM sofas in San Diego perfect proportions that never go out of style – this is what the tried and tested classics from ROM stand for. In its 60 years of experience, the family business has developed a feel for which designs simply don’t get old. Quality materials such as beech strips, wave springs and the Permaform seat reinforcement ensure high standards in terms of durability and stability and round off the “timelessness” aspect of the ROM sofas and armchairs. That’s why ROM gives a 5-year guarantee on its products with a clear conscience.

Highest Standards of Quality and Safety

sofa maker in Belgium

Quality Management

Our products are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (international quality management system standard).

sofa maker in Belgium

Tests for harmful substances

Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

sofa maker in Belgium

The “Golden M”

Is an accolade for quality-tested furniture that meets strict criteria in terms of quality, safety and health/environmental protection

sofa maker in Belgium

Use of Chemicals

Our products comply with EU regulation regulating the production and circulation of chemicals.