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Fama Living


Fama Living Sofas California – Since 1971, Fama living has made it its mission to capture the taste of the contemporary customer. Its collections cater to those who desire the modern and most up-to-date styles. As a whole, one can see the modern touches in each category through the consistent use of bright and bold colors, eye-catching shapes and clean lines. Such flair not only helps distinguish a home with one’s unique taste, but creates a fun atmosphere for family and guests.


From the sofas to the tables, one can easily see the company’s love for modern aesthetics. The variety in Fama living’s selection of chairs and recliners alone displays the company’s ability to capture every style in today’s age. The Moonrise Fama living armchair emboldens a modern style with its circular form as well as provides a sense of enclosure and safety while guaranteeing comfort for the buyer. The Christie Famaliving maintains a traditional armchair form with a certain elegance thanks to its slender wooden legs that hold up thick cushions. For those seeking an ultra-modern piece of furniture, then look no farther than the Lenny Famaliving. This armchair is one of the most iconic pieces in the Famaliving lineup and features a unique mix of concave and convex curves that demand attention.

With a diverse lineup of products and over 600 different fabrics to choose from, Fama Living Sofas California provides the customer with an ample amount of choices to ensure that one can create the style and atmosphere one wants to in his/her home. Pushing forward the company’s customer care is the fact that Fama living’s sofas can be made-to-order in any size. One can customize their furniture to have a motorized recliner, adjustable headrests and even hidden storage. Caring for the customer’s needs in such an elaborate fashion is one of the contributing factors to  Fama living’s rise and success. Fama Living Sofas California welcomes you! 

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