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Modern Dining Table

Modern Dining Table is the center point of your dining room. And it will always be the dining table. Whether you are having family, friends or neighbors over, the dining table is a point of congregation. It is the stage for a meal or potluck and thus it is an area of high traffic, as it is one of the first pieces of furniture that guests seek out. With this in mind, the dining table is generally the largest focal point in any room and can speak volumes about the owners of the home.

The size, design of body, type of legs and materials of modern dining table used all speak to your personal life. A small, oval glass table will suggest a level of modernity and intimacy within the family, while a rectangular wood Modern Dining Table can impose a sense of tradition. With more manufacturers allowing a wide range of choices in shape and materials, such as glass, graphite, metal, leather and wood, it’s extremely important to consider what you want to say with your Modern Dining Table.

One of the famous factories we partner with is Connubia by Calligaris SpA

Modern Dining Table in San Diego's European Furniture Gallery:

Serve up a meal in style with a modern dining table. Whether you’re looking for a round dining Italian table, a rectangular one, or an extendable table, we’ve got you covered! You’ll get to see how furniture pieces made in Italy look in your space, and you can even mix and match with other chairs to create a unique look.

Not sure what style you’re looking for? A mid-century modern dining table is always a good choice—it has a classic look that never goes out of style. You can also try a modern farmhouse dining table if you’re looking for something different. These tables usually have wood bases with metal accents, and they pair well with other rustic pieces.

A contemporary dining table is also perfect for anyone who wants a clean, minimalist look. These tables are usually made of glass or metal, and they have sleek lines that will make your space look more open. Ready to start shopping? Browse our collection of modern dining table pieces and find the perfect one for your space.