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Sleepers are the perfect answer for people looking to mix comfort with convenience. A contemporary sleeper allows people to transform the space of any room accordingly with their daily routines. Sleeper Sofa in San Diego allow consumers to save space and unclutter a room during the morning rush. Placing one in the office space of your home allows for comfortable all-nighters and effectively turns the room into an impromptu guest room. For the creative buyer, a sleeper provides an opportunity to best utilize the space in every room. Even with such practical uses, a sleeper doesn’t have to sacrifice any sense of comfort. Today’s manufacturers ensure that a sleeper will act as both a cozy sofa, with foam or feather-filled seats, and an easy-to-open, warm bed. Modern Sleeper Sofa in San Diego can help you to solve a problem of the small room being functional. One of the leading manufacturers is Sesido by ROM, Belgium

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Fascino sofa sleeper by Natuzzi Editions San Diego

Sofa sleeper / Sofa Beds on SALE

Price in leather: $4,950. Sale while in stock: $3,299 Journey B009 Sofa Sleeper By Modexu Whether you live in a smaller apartment and need to make the most of your space or simply need more room for guests to sleep over, the Journey Queen Sleeper has you covered. This Sleeper unfolds into a large, comfortable queen size mattress. It features horizontal tufting that is deep and detailed, providing you with not only a finishing touch but plenty of back support as well.

Creating the perfect sleeping space for overnight guests in a small living area can be challenging, but sofa bed sleepers offer a perfect solution. These multifunctional pieces of furniture seamlessly blend comfort and functionality, providing a cozy bed within the confines of a stylish sofa. In small spaces where every inch matters, sofa bed sleepers become an ingenious choice, offering a dual-purpose solution without compromising on style. Transforming from a comfortable seating arrangement during the day to a welcoming bed at night, they maximize the utility of limited space. Guests can enjoy a restful night’s sleep, and hosts can relish the convenience of accommodating visitors without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Fascino sofa sleeper by Natuzzi Editions San Diego

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Choose bed structure:


Sesido opening mechanism with a good price/quality ratio, which is simple and smooth to open. The bed features a electro-welded base with a matt black lacquered finish.


Premium Sesido opening mechanism, which is extremely smooth to open. The bed features an electro-welded base in an elegant red to highlight its fine, high-quality finish.


The ultimate! This fitting is very smooth-running and has a noble carbon look. In order to guarantee optimum comfort, lat frames larger than 160cm are automatically supplied as 2-zone frames.

Choose your comfort:


Polyether foam, with high point elasticity.


HR cold foam, constructed in 7 comfort zones and an open cell structure.


HR cold foam covered with a layer of visco-elastic memory foam.

All mattresses ate 5.5 inches thick and 77.5 inches long. Width could be specified as 40″, 48″, 55″ or 63 inches. Call us for more details.

Sleeper Sofa in San Diego:

Scandinavian Pull Out Sofa Beds by Innovation Living

Innovation sleepers brand in modern furniture store in San Diego

Modern Sofa Sleeper

Turn your living room into a bedroom. Sofa sleepers are the perfect way to save space in your home while still providing a comfortable place to sleep. And with our wide selection of modern sofa, you can choose the perfect one for your space.

From wooden modern sofa sleeper to upholstered ones, we have a wide selection of materials and styles of Italian furniture to choose from. You can also find a sofa sleeper with or without storage so you can make the most of your space. And with our many fabric and color options, you’re sure to find one that fits your taste and style.

Don’t wait any longer and start shopping for your new sofa sleeper today! You’ll be able to save space in your modern living room and get a good night’s sleep in no time. Take your time browsing our collection and think about what you need before making your purchase. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect sofa sleeper for your home with us!