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FATBOY Collection of Contemporary furniture in San Diego aimed to create a balance between form and function, making furniture that was both practical and appealing. Shapes, textures, colors and ideas about furniture were all novel to me at the time.

With FatBoy’s chaotically excellent furniture, home design is entering a new era. FatBoy has been demonstrating to the world that people can do things differently. They re-imagine old favorites for your home and garden. They can take the essence and turn it into timeless designs that have been given a modern twist. Additionally, instead of being put together in a machine, the pieces of furniture sold by FatBoy are made by hand. They are designed by some of the most well-known names in the business.

Modern and contemporary furniture design is heavily influenced by independence, free thought, and simplicity, and current designers are embracing the present while still honoring the past. With FatBoy’s modern and avant-garde furniture styles, you can easily inject boldness and innovation into any space.

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