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Founded in 1949, W.Schillig began as a small basketry in Ehersdorf, Germany. His line of products at the time consisted of linen chests and wicker chairs. From those humble beginnings, W.Schillig now has over 1,200 employees manufacturing top-quality sofas, sectionals, chairs and more. This 67-year-old business has been able to grow into an international powerhouse because of its dedication to quality and comfort for the customer.
In fact, W.Schillig’s current slogan is “The Ultimate in Comfort,” and the company ensures that each product meets this promise. By choosing only the best quality materials, from its selection of leathers to choice of fabrics, as well as having a team of master craftsmen, W.Schilling is able to guarantee a supple and versatile product. Such production values have led to renowned leather sofa collections of modern design and exceptional quality that will satisfy any customer.
However, this is not the only part of the formula that has led the company to such success. Keeping true to the wisdom and know-how of past generations when creating a product is a vital aspect, but it is not the only part of the company’s strategy. W.Schillig is able to continue its dominance in the upholstery business by continually reinventing itself while remaining a reliable partner and manufacturer.
Through innovation, W.Schillig has kept up with the changing times and is consistently able to provide a lineup that appeals to consumers no matter what their personal preferences are. Ranging from the modern Modular Living sectionals to the antique contours of the Softlook series, collections by W.Schillig will have an item that fits your personal taste.
This ability to transform and meet the demands of the customer has the added benefit of increasing the company’s reliability. People are able to trust in the brand’s name and its ability to meet their wishes. Earning such trust has always been a goal of W.Schillig, as holding such relationships between both partners and customers has proven to be the best routes for expansion.