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Minos Table & Planet Chairs By FAMA

Minos & Planet By FAMA If a more relaxed position is desired, simply moving a few centimeters forward in the seat causes the backrest, with its curved shape and retained rotation, to perfectly contour the back, achieving an inclination of up to approximately 30 degrees.


Minos & Planet By FAMA


It has a height of 75 cm, is detachable, and can be combined with table tops of different dimensions: square or round tables with diameters of 80 to 100 cm, and long rectangular tables between 160 and 220 cm. We are also planning to launch a coffee table version within this collection.


Planet chairs is a new collection of chairs based on two very important pillars. The first is the design and the large number of options it offers, and the second is the

ergonomic solution it provides, perhaps the most comfortable chair we have ever seen.

We have developed a very smart innovation, with a patent pending, which consists of a system equipped with a joint in the backrest that allows it to rotate with the user’s movement and adapt to the position of the back.

When the user sits upright in the chair, the backrest adjusts to a fully straight position, providing complete support to the back.

Cleaning advice

–  it is recommended to wash them inside-out to prevent the zip and velcro from damaging the fabric.

– We advise you to make a washing test with only one cover before washing all the covers in the washing machine.

– If the fabric allows it, dry cleaning onsite is always the best choice. You can also use a steamer, protecting it with a cotton cloth.

– For everyday care, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust and prevent accumulation.

– Let it dry and repeat several times until the stain disappears completely.

– If the fabric of your sofa is made of chenille, it is important to keep in mind that with time and use some marks or changes of colour may appear.

– It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the fabric.

– You can find the cleaning instructions for your particular fabric on a label located on the base of your sofa or armchair.

You can also check them in the FAQ section on FAMA website.