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BDI Centro Adjustable Standing Desk

BDI Centro Adjustable Standing Desk is an electronically powered, adjustable standing — or sitting — desk with height memory settings and zero-tolerance for cable visibility. Optional keyboard drawer available separately.

BDI Centro Office Collection


Available in 2 sizes:

24.75H x 60W x 24D in

24.75H x 66W x 30D in


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BDI Centro Adjustable Standing Desk is a part of the CENTRO OFFICE COLLECTION.

Work can be uplifting

Vary your daily routine with a flexible work solution in the height-adjustable Centro Lift Desk. Whether embracing the health benefits of a standing desk—or just looking to create an impressive office—the Lift Desk will elevate any workday.

Work smart

Firstly, we believe an office should always be organized and efficient. But what if it could inspire productivity too? Innovative features are integrated into every BDI office collection, ensuring that they work every bit as hard as you do.

Certainly, raising the bar on the notion of standing desks, BDI Lift Desks provide the benefits you expect from a sit+stand desk, but with executive styling that takes your workday to a whole new level.

Work healthy

Critically, the dangers of sitting for long stretches of time have come into focus recently, with extended periods of sitting leading to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and back pain. Meanwhile, studies have shown that extended periods on your feet can lead to other problems such as swollen ankles, varicose veins, and knee & joint pain.

However, BDI standing desks are the best of both worlds. For example, the adjustable height controls allow you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday, providing the versatility and movement that every workday requires.

Everyday Ups and Downs

Furthermore, go from standing, to sitting, and back again with a durable, electronically powered leg system that can be controlled with the touch of a keypad.

A Desk With A Brain

Find the most comfortable positions for sitting and standing and store them with the keypad’s four height memory presets. Next time, the perfect position is just a touch away.

Optional Keyboard & Storage Drawer

Add the optional drawer 6459-2 to create the perfect storage spot for a keyboard, mouse and accessories. Lined with non slip material to keep contents secure.

Satin-Etched Glass

The durable tempered glass work surface has an unbelievably soft finish. Smooth to the touch, this unique treatment provides protection from dings, scratches—even fingerprints.

Power Player

Keep cables and connections neatly organized by positioning a power strip (not included) under the desktop. A wire management ledge keeps cables discreetly out of view.
BDI Centro Adjustable Standing Desk 1

Cable Control

Generous openings keep wiring neatly organized. Reusable cable ties are even supplied, keeping everything secure.
BDI Centro Adjustable Standing Desk 2


  • Programmable Keypad
  • Wire Management Ledge
  • Wire Management Channels
  • Optional Keyboard/Storage Drawer (model 6459-2)


  • Satin-Etched Tempered Glass
  • Powder Coated Steel