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Neah Concept Queen Size Sofa Bed With Arms By Innovation

Neah’s versatility extends to its size and design options. Choose from three sizes, three distinct arm styles and a selection of fabric options. Opt for a sleek arms for compact spaces, standard arm for a classic look, or a curved arms for a touch of sophistication. Neah seamlessly integrates with any interior design vision


Neah Queen Size Sofa Innovation

Neah Queen Size Sofa Innovation – At the heart of Neah’s exceptional comfort lies it’s Innovative mattress construction. We have reimagined the traditional sofa bed experience, crafting a masterpiece with a no-sag suspension system and a pocket spring core encased in a plush foam layer. This means you get a double dose ol spring-on-spring comfort that guarantees the most exquisite sofa bed experience vou have ever encountered. Neah transforms your living space into a sanctuary of relaxation, and it is ready for you every single day.


The individual pockets in these models ensure that pressure is applied to each individual spring for better support – in seating as well as sleeping position. The high resilient foam casing contributes to a breathable mattress while providing a soft top support.

Neah Queen Size Sofa Innovation is based partly on the functional principle of other models from our Compact category. It features a horizontal seat, vertical back, and cushions in an envelope style. An easy conversion-method from sofa to bed makes it a unique piece of furniture that automatically fold out its legs, simply providing a large and comfortable sleeping surface for two persons. Further, it is an appropriate sofa for three persons and guest bed for two when you have friends or family spending the night. Available in three compact sizes

Comfort Pocket Spring
Comfort Type Firm
Comfort Spring Height 10 cm
Cushion Dimension Width: 80 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Height: 39 cm
Cushion Material 100 % Fiberfill


Per Weiss 2009, 2015


Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty
Warranty Overview Download


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