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How to price fama modular sofa

How can I get a price of Fama modular sofa? This is the most asked question right after we have being asked: “Why would you gays don’t have prices on your website?” We do understand the desire of online customers to make a selection of the sofa and instantaneously know how much it would cost to buy. And this condition is a must for any “e-tailer” or online store. Our business idea is a little bit different. We do not “sell you a sofa” per se, instead we are giving you the ability to create your own sofa with your own dimensions and choices of color based on what we show online and in the store. Some sofas we offer can be extended or shorten in size by as little as 4 inches and the choice of fabrics or leather ranges in hundreds. For that reason, our website has a “Request a quote” button. We will help you to find a perfect match that would work for you!


You can request a quote price fama modular sofa also by sending us a quote request at info@remodernliving.com or calling the store 585-242-4030

Manacor Corner Modular Sofa by Fama Living