Alum Modern Italian Sofa by Egoitaliano

Unlike the digital escape proposed in recent years in the creative field, through which fictional and immaterial worlds are presented, the Reality is Unreal concept opens up to a dreamlike interpretation of reality, which is shown in its most hidden dimension. The interior design of the stand, created by Isabella Disanto, reflects these moods through the use of a colour palette that recalls the nuances of nature and the succession of lights and colours throughout the day. 100% Made in Italy.

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Alum Sofa by Egoitaliano is available in leather or fabric in different colors, modern and elegant style

Alum Sofa by Egoitaliano: The rational, square, and modern shape of the seats meets the softer look of the manually reclining armrests and backrests with a ratchet mechanism.

The sides are characterized by the presence of wide and thin feet, which vertically suspend the structure from the ground. The metal feet harmoniously integrate with the horizontal design of the armrest and seat, giving a distinct stylistic imprint.

Alum has a structure made of wood combined with biodegradable raw wood particles and hard fiberboard panels. The seat cushions, armrests, headrests, backrests, and headboards are made of polyurethane foam with different densities.

The model is characterized by a pair of minimal design structures, placed on the sides of the sofa, which not only serve as feet but also support the armrests.

Alum Sofa by Egoitaliano: The modular, corner, sleeper, peninsula, and pouf versions have feet with a design coordinated with the structures on the sides of the sofa.

The arm-side structures, feet on the sides of the peninsula, front side of the sleeper, corner back, and pouf can be finished in matte black, pearl white, dark brown, green, and shadow gray.

The backrests are equipped with adjustable headrests with a manual ratchet mechanism according to the desired comfort.

  • Leather: Protected leather results from production processes that confer protection and high performance to the leather. A thin finishing layer protects the leather from stains without altering its original characteristics. The Protected leather products combine the advantages of natural qualities and softness with good resistance to wear and changes of colour. The presence of distinctive marks tells the story of the animal’s life. Such as healed scars, grain differences, wrinkles, veining, differences in colour shades and any other sign that nature has left on these hides prove they are genuine and bears witness to their great worth.
  • Padding: Seat cushions in differentiated-density polyurethane foam covered with a layer of goose down. Padding is covered with a self-extinguishing dacron layer.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Periodically dust using a clean, dry and non-abrasive white cloth. For stains caused by soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, oil, fat, cosmetics, or foundation cream: remove the stain rapidly from the surface by dabbing with an absorbent cloth or paper. Then, delicately rub working from the outside towards the centre of the colour using a cloth soaked in water and mild white soap solution. Do not soak the fabric surface, and dry the surface immediately using a clean cloth. Do not dry the fabric in direct sunlight or with a hair dryer.
  • Note: Alum Sofa by Egoitaliano has a patented manual mechanism that enables you to move the backrest in the lifted position. This movement ensures comfortable support for the back’s upper part. Optionally. It is possible to ask for practical and comfortable roller pillows with goose-down padding.
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Egoitaliano, a company specializing in the design, production and sale of upholstered furniture and furnishing accessories, is participating in the Salone del Mobile.Milano every year with a presentation in which technology becomes a tool for creating an authentic and immersive experience in reality.