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Manacor Corner Modular Sofa by Fama Living

Our Manacor corner sofa is clean lined yet relaxed looking sofa due to its softer back cushions. With a seat depth of 57cm this makes the Manacor an ideal choice for smaller spaces or if you’re looking for a shorter seat on a sofa.

The Manacor has been designed so that it looks equally good from the back as well as the front making it a great sofa for open plan living. Having the ability to move the back cushions around to give you different seating positions gives it another great feature for open plan socializing.

From $3,820 for composition 300/200.


Manacor Corner Modular Sofa is specially designed to enjoy at home. Thanks to its multipositional backs we can find lots of different positions that will adapt to our way of sitting in every moment.

It is amazing how such a simple system can bring so much happiness when it comes to enjoying it at home.

There are different measures of modules and footstools so we can create the composition that best suits our needs. Another good feature of Manacor Corner Sofa is that it is so nice from the front as from the back, so it is perfect to separate the dining area from the living room, you can get it from ReModern. The back cushions are loose, so we can put them wherever we want and in different positions until we get a perfect position.

Cleaning advice

  • If you wash any sofa covers in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash them inside-out to prevent the zip and velcro from damaging the fabric.
  • We advise you to make a washing test with only one cover before washing all the covers in the washing machine (provided that the fabric allows washing).
  • If the fabric allows it, dry cleaning onsite is always the best choice. You can also use a steamer, protecting it with a cotton cloth.
  • For everyday care, you can use a damp cloth to remove dust and prevent accumulation.
  • In the case of specific stains, the best is to use a damp cloth with a little neutral soap (you can mix water with neutral soap in a spray bottle) and rub gently with circular movements on the stain. Let it dry and repeat several times until the stain disappears completely.
  • If the fabric of your sofa is made of chenille, it is important to keep in mind that with time and use some marks or changes of colour may appear.
  • It is very important to follow the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer of the fabric.


Manacor medidas modulo 01
Manacor medidas modulo 02
Manacor 3D medidas

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