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C266 Bruxelles sofa by Natuzzi

C266 Bruxelles sofa by Natuzzi Among many designer furniture in a modern style with sophisticated legs or with an interesting, non-obvious structure, a fold-out sofa may be the piece of furniture that impresses the least with its design. It is an attractive piece of furniture, it can be elegant and modern, but its important function, which is the sleeping function, limits the use of certain forms and shapes. And although there is still a misconception that a sofa bed cannot be the main decoration in the living room, it would still be the right solution to choose it as the first option. Especially if we really need a sofa with a sleeping function.

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The 3-seater C266 Bruxelles sofa from Natuzzi is a symphony of comfort and elegance for your living space. This sofa is not just a place to sit, it is an invitation to relax in style. With its lush seat cushions and subtly curved armrests, the Bruxelles offers a luxurious seating experience. The high-quality upholstery not only feels soft, but also gives a refined look to your interior. The C266 Bruxelles is not just a sofa, but a work of art that unites functionality and design. The spacious seating invites you to socialize, while the timeless design fits effortlessly with different interior styles. With an eye for detail and craftsmanship, the Bruxelles by Natuzzi is not just a piece of furniture, but a statement. Create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort in your living space with the timeless elegance of the 3-seater sofa C266 Bruxelles. Experience the ultimate seating pleasure in style.

An Italian story of comfort and designs. Natuzzi Editions is one of the most recognized brands in global furniture. With many differing styles and highly customizable frames designed in Italy you may choose from different seat widths, reclining, stationary, or a sectional. Also choose from many Italian leather grades and colors. 100% Italian Leather. Natuzzi controls 92% of of the raw materials that make up their furniture from leather, wood and padding. Natuzzi Editions is simply the most comfortable seating whether you are wanting to recline, or lay down for a nap.
When it comes to natural leather sofas, Natuzzi Editions is the world leader in their production. High quality of products is not only the use of modern technology but also our own methods developed over decades. The leather used to produce sofas – always of the best quality – is subjected to special processes that make it soft and increase durability. Leather furniture is also properly impregnated, which extends its durability and allows it to maintain an elegant appearance for many years. Due to the unique style of Natuzzi Editions products, they can be matched to any interior, adding character to it.


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